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    open/import existing project

      I created an Oracle Web Service Project, and it is still in my eclipse workspace. I deleted it from the eclipse Project Explorer (not from disc).
      How may I reopen the project?
      Sorry to plug up the forum with such a silly question, but I can't find it.
      Thank you.
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          Good Question,

          Select File>Import>General>Existing Projects into Workspace
          Select root directory: Browse>Navigate to your workspace and select the project.

          As it already exists in your workspace you don't need to copy, it should be alerting you to this.

          Select Finish
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            This solution only works if there is an existing eclipse project file. We do not commit our IDE specific project files to our Subversion repository. How may I re-open a WebLogic Web Service Project that does not have an eclipse project file?
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              One option would be to try and to overlay eclipse project metadata on your existing project by creating a new project with the same name and location (on your file system) as your existing project. I haven't tried this with a Web Services project but have made this work for other types of projects - so your mileage may vary.

              Basically, you use the same steps used when you first create a project and just make sure the name and location are the same as your existing project. The steps would be something like this...

              - Copy your existing project to your Eclipse workspace or a location where you want to maintain the project as an Eclipse project.

              - Launch OEPE and configure a runtime environment for the version of your WebLogic server. To do this, launch OEPE, select from the main menu bar options, "Window -> Preferences -> Server -> Runtime Environments" and then select "Oracle -> WebLogic Server XYZ" corresponding to the version of your server installation. You will enter the path to your WebLogic and Java home directory. This process will set up your Eclipse workspace for the proper runtime environment.

              - Select "File -> New -> ..." and the project type you want to create.
              - In the New Project wizard,...
              - Use the exact same name/location of your existing project in the wizard.
              - click "modify" to update the configuration and include the desired technology facets or update versions that are in your project.
              - depending on the wizard there may be an option to generate the web.xml deployment descriptor. It would be selected by default and you can override to so that it is not selected and the process will not overwrite your existing web.xml.

              After completing the remaining pages of the wizard, the process will generate the required Eclipse metadata to the project and will refresh the project so that it now contains all the src and content files from the underlying sub folders. If it doesn't you can force a refresh (F5) on the project.

              This is just a rough example and you may have to do some additional configurations for dependent libraries, etc.