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    OAM 11g R2- Pointing it to differnt DB

      Hi Guys,

      We are trying to point the oam 11g r2 to a different db, These are the following steps we are trying to follow
      1. created a new schema
      2.Export the current data
      3.Import the current data into new DB
      4.Create a new data source
      5.Change the data source in oam-config.xml

      guys do you see issue going ahead with these...

      Please share your thought and experience

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          I haven't done this on R2, however this is what I did for OAM

          Use wlst.sh > connect to Admin Server > run exportPolicy(pathTempOAMPolicyFile="/anytmpfolder/my_policies1.xml")
          Access WLS admin console > Access the datasource pointers > modify jdbc config
          Run wlst.sh and run importPolicy(pathTempOAMPolicyFile="/anytempfolder/my_policies1.xml")
          Restart OAM managed instance

          Try this in your lab environment. Hope this helps.

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            Thanks Sunil,

            Please correct be if i am wrong,

            exportPolicy command will export all configuration data to a temp xml file, and then we modify the jdbc data source to point to new db instance and import back policy.

            Do we need to change any anything in oam-config files as we have modify the data source ?

            Another we have successfully exported the data from db but while we are importing it back to new db we are having issue saying IMP-00015: following statement failed because the object already exists

            Did you face any error like this.

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              You don't need to touch oam-config.xml. After reconfiguring the JDBC source in WebLogic, you can run the import command and start the OAM managed instance. I assume you ran rcu to create the OAM schema on the new database before you did the import. I didn't encournter the error you see. Mine was a clean database with schema created by RCU and the import went through fine.