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    Customer_WID W_AR_XACT_F

      I'm hoping someone can shed some light on how CUSTOMER_WID is populated on the fact table W_AR_XACT_F. When looking at the etl map SIL_ARTransactionFact, there's a mapplet called mplt_SIL_ARTransactionFact within this mapplet, there is a customer lookup against w_party_d where customer_id is passed in as the integration_id along with datasource_num_id and Posted_dt. What is confusing is when looking at W_AR_XACT_FS the data in the customer_ID is null, and should be, as the SDE maps that load this staging table hard codes the null. Based on this, I would expect that the Customer_WID lookup would return 0 or unspecified for the customer_wid but in several rows there's an actual Customer_wid that I have no idea where or how it gets populated since staging customer_ids are all nulls. I have done dependency checks etc to look at all maps that load W_AR_XACT_F and I am at a loss on how staging is filled with Nulls yet the fact has actual wids<>0. I don't see anything strange in any sql overide either.
      It appears someone else was having this problem as well but I don't see a resolution. I'd appreciate any insight.

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          There is a nvl condition in the same mapplet. If there Customer ID is null then it would pick Customer Account ID. IIF(ISNULL(INP_CUSTOMER_ID),TO_CHAR(INP_PARTY_ID),INP_CUSTOMER_ID).

          Let me know if this helped.