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    File payload is empty

      I'm using an FTP adapter to fetch a file. This is to be passed on to another service for processing the contents. Both the FTP Adapter and web service payloads are defined using the same schema

      1) I put a mediator in between the two components and had a transformation to take the data from the FTP Adapter and send it to the web service.

      Even though I can see the FTP Adapter read the file successfully i.e. I can view the contents of the file as part of the payload the result of the transformation is null. The input element for the web service contains no data.

      2) Using BPEL the Transformation still fails.

      Using an assign I can copy the payload to the body section of the input element for the web service. However even though this now looks like it has gone through successfully when I look at the contents of the composite behind the service I can see the incoming payload has data but again any operations on that payload fail with the system telling me the data is null. This is a service I can successfully call from soapUI.