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    Dequeue Advanced Options


      I would like to know somebody had this kind of requirement earlier ( hope this is common requirement most of them will have)

      We are using AQ as part of our new design of app... how to achieve the following requirement using AQ (I am new to this concept)

      1. As part of dequeue function, we are calling the DB component, after completion of that DB component (irrespective of its success or fail) only next dequeue should happen. Mean we want to execute the DB component which is calling as part of dequeue should be in sequence. Is there any way to hold or control dequeue function?

      As of my knowledge, one of option we can use is the delay... we don't want to go for that... as we are not sure how much time the DB component will take to complete the process (mean the performance of the DB Component depends on lot of factors like load, n/w etc.. ) and hope this not suggestible also.

      Please help me out to achieve the requirement or can we achieve above requirement or not? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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          Hi Siva,

          Did you able to achive this? If yes, can you please explain how?

          My requirement is mostly in the same line.

          I will be using a notification to call the dequeue process. But after dequeue, it will perform some DB activities. So next notification and dequeue should wait for this DB activity to complete and then perform next dequeue.

          Please inform me how did you achieve this?