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    Unable to access BPM workspace


      As part of pre-requisite installation for PAs, we have installed DB, RCU, WLS and SOA suite (including BPM) on our short term windows 64 bit server.
      After install, however, we can't access the BPM workspace. We get the error "404 - Page not found".

      URLs :

      Login credentials : weblogic/weblogic1

      You can find the soaserver logs here : [soa logs|https://stbeehive.oracle.com/teamcollab/library/MD_Share?parentCid=334B:3BF0:afrh:38893C00F42F38A1E0404498C8A6612B00046C1CB4CC&cids=334B:3BF0:adoc:38893C00F42F38A1E0404498C8A6612B0005DA3CFA54] (soa_server1.log)

      Please suggest.

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          Ravi Jegga
          Hi Madhu
          1. Very basic question. You installed RCU DB and hope you ran db scripts for SOA/BPM Rcu by running rcu command selecting soa components etc. And you installed WLS, SOA/BPM on top of this.
          2. NOW, did you create any Domain using Config Wizard and select BPM components (that automatically selects SOA components also) and also Enterprise Manager. For BPM you have like 2 options: Developers Mode or General.
          a) Developers mode means, you have JUST 1 Admin Server that also have all SOA Modules Deployed. This is easy and quick as you just have to Start Admin Server. NOW this means naturally you have EM and Weblogic Console at this port like http://adminserver:adminport/console or em. BUT your Workspace is also here only. http://adminserver:adminport/bpm.workspace.
          b) If you selected Other option but NOT developers, you will have 2 Servers: AdminServer and SOA_SERVER1. AdminServer is started using startWeblogic.cmd (.sh). You also should start soa server using command like startManagedServer soa_server adminURL. It will ask for admin username and password. Did you DO this. Is your SOA Server running.

          Best thing, if you can access Console, see what Servers are there and what is up and running. Click on servers link in console for more details.

          Ravi Jegga
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            Hi Ravi,

            During Domain configuration, I have selected the following components in *"Select domian source"* screen:

            Oracle BPM Suite
            Oracle SOA Suite
            Oracle Business Activity Monitoring
            Oracle Enterprise Manager
            Oracle WSM Policy Manager
            Oracle JRF

            After successful domain configuration, i started Admin and soa servers. Both start and run fine but i see a few errors in soa_server1 logs.
            Besides, i see the soa-infra component status as failed under deployments in Console.

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              Ravi Jegga
              Hi Madhu
              SOA Server should start without any errors and should be in Active state when you check in Admin Console. Please send the details for the errors that you see in the log files, specially from the window, where you run startManagedWeblogic soa_server1 like that. If soa server is running without any errors, then you can access workspace. So resolving these errors is important.

              Ravi Jegga
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                Ryan M O'Hare

                Are you sure that you have extended the domain to put SOA/BPM on the soa_server1 managed server with port 8001? Also, are you sure you didn't override the default ports during install (by default the managed server port would be 8001)?

                It is possible that you may have installed SOA/BPM components on the AdminServer, which would mean that your BPM Workspace would be using the standard AdminServer port of 7001. You can check where the workspace is targeted and deployed by going to Deployments in you WLS console. Find the "OracleBPMWorkspace" deployment and first ensure that it is in state = "Active" and health = "OK". If so, click the deployment and select the Targets tab. Ensure here that BPM workspace is targeted to soa_server1. If that is fine, check the server health by clicking Environment --> Servers in the left Domain Structure window. Verify the soa_server1 has state = "RUNNING" and health = "OK". Verify the listen port is as expected.


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                  Might sound weird.
                  But I was able to access BPM workspace after i restarted Admin and Managed servers.

                  I was unable to access it the last time when i tried it.

                  Thanks for your replies.