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    error on starting $SPLEBSE/bin/spl.sh - incorrect password.


      I need to clone a production $SPLEBASE environment for QAT. I dont have access to production environment and the production passwords.
      The production Application DBa have created a tar file of the SPLEBASE environment and sent it to me for cloning.

      I have untared the production $SPLEBASE envirinment in my QAT environment.

      I have then changed the passwords via
      $SPLEBASE/bin/configureEnv.sh - selecting option 3, changed the following passwords

      3. Web Application Server Configuration
      WebLogic JNDI User ID: system
      WebLogic JNDI Password: ENC(WJbE+OIoAm7l4cut5boToXImRwnvp7aBsZwpun4Jllo=)
      WebLogic Admin System User ID: {3DES}Tpd54/cr91w= <-- this is system user
      WebLogic Admin System Password: {3DES}vUwHOg4sWNmlxglJAYEfYg== <-- this is system password
      Application Admin User ID: system
      Application Admin Password: ENC(XsRQ5T2PMg4Hhd1iP8VdvM5Y+q9I3oCe0pIX9R04Xeg=)

      I have then run initialSetup.sh and started the application via $SPLEBASE/bin/spl.sh start

      I get the following error.

      The boot identity may have been changed since the boot identity file was created. Please edit and update the boot
      identity file with the proper values of username and password. The first time the updated boot identity file is used to start the server, these new values are encrypted.

      I have then gone and modified the vi $SPLEBASE/splapp/security/boot.properties with the new password for 'system'

      But I still get the error that username and password is invalid.

      Can you let me know what is the procedure to reset the username and password for SPLEBASE if you dont know the original password.