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    RosettaNet: Where to set time to perform?

      Reposting as a new thread:

      I am setting "Time To Perform=1440" in my 3A4 Collaboration but still my 3A4 Request is getting expired after 2 Hours. In this case, the Ack. is coming instantly.

      I think the "Time To Perform" field is not taking effect at all.

      I want that

      1. a request should expire after 2 Hours, if it's in wait ack status for that much time and
      2. a request should expire after 1 day if the corresponding Response(3A4 Confirmation) doesn't come in 1 day time (1440 mins).

      Can you please suggest the required configuration change for this?

      Anuj had answered this question in an old thread,
      Where to set Time To Perform?
      but it seems to be for 10g b2b.

      My question is how to set this value in 11g b2b?