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    JVMTI : AgentSetEventNotificationMode Causes Troubles in Lotus Notes

      Hi Everybody

      I have a JVMTI agent that i used to profile many java application ( Eclipse, Notes ...)

      I discover that I have some troubles with Lotus Notes Release 8.5.2FP4 on WIN7 64x

      (troubles like same time sigin windows don't open , contact window empty and it display nothing ...)

      when trying to investigate it a find that the problem occured when I call JVMTI method SetEventNotificationMode with JVMTI_EVENT_CLASS_FILE_LOAD_HOOK as parameters

      event with an empty callback I have always problem but only with notes

      in Trace log I found message like :

      *"An error occurred when activating automatic grouping com.ibm.rcp.aaf.startup (944).*
      *Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com / ibm / icu / util / GregorianCalendar ... "*

      *"Errors when calling the plug-in code: com.ibm.rcp.personality.framework"*

      *"The plug-in com.ibm.rcp.aaf.startup failed to load the class com.ibm.rcp.aaf.startup.Startup."*

      when I try to desable this Event (JVMTI_EVENT_CLASS_FILE_LOAD_HOOK ) evry lotus notes fonctionnalities works well

      Any Idea ?

      Thanks a lot