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    Java Agent Development Framework

      I am a part of team of people trying to build an application in JADE as a project for Faculty of Information Technologies and Management in Hradec Kralove. It should contain a lot of agents (100.000) at least. But JVM obviously does not have enough memory to run so many agents. It throws OutOfMemoryError on about 5000 agents on our computer. We tried to run in it on server too, but there was no big difference (we had 8gbs of memory to use). We tried to set up JVM to use more memory, but it did not help, there were less agents than before when we changed default value(-xmx) to 2gbs for example. We tried to set even more memory (4gbs, 3gbs) but it threw an error, that JVM cannot run, because there is not enough free memory in the system. Is there any way how to run so many agents, set JAVA in some special way or anything that could help us? We already tried to write to JADE developers but no one answered. Thank You for Your answers.
      Team of Faculty of Information Technologies and Management