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    SCUP\SCCM catalog

      I'd like to see an SCUP\SCCM catalog available for Java. It would make managing updates a heck of a lot easier.
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          Users have been looking for a Java catalog for SCUP/SCCM for a long time. It's extremely simple for software companies to make one and it allows updating programs to be leaps and bounds easier. With all the Java exploits in the environment this should have been done long ago. Maybe they don't think it's a top priority but if you search Google for SCUP Java there are literally hundreds of posts where people are looking for a catalog. "Hundreds isn't a large enough number to waste our time on", that's just how many decided to make an account on that forum just to agree with someone or to create a post about it. I guarantee any admins that use SCUP want to be able to load their hardware mfg, Adobe, and Java into SCCM. Only Dell and HP have steped up for hardware and Adobe has their catalog readily available. Come on Java.
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            I agree - I also need the scup catalog, would made my life a lot easier...
            Come on, we're in 2013!!!
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              This is a user to user forum. Forward your requests directly to Oracle.

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