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    interconnect 10g


      I installed Oracle Interconnect 10g for a proof of concept. My client has 60 systems having a 300 link between them. Those systems are developed with forms/ report (60%), microsoft technology, mainframe, clipper, etc.

      We have a lot of questions but for the purpose of that forum I will post only some questions:

      Q1 : What is the criteras to help me to choose between AQ and DB adapter ? It is not clear!

      Q2 : In iStudio, one of the required transformation include a substring and a stringreplace. How can implement it in a simple manner (without calling a plsql, etc.) ?

      Q3 : My client uses 5 staging steps for is application (that stages may be in different database), from development to production. How can migrate individual change in the repository from one staging area to another ?

      Q4 : Documentation: do you have only adapter's guide and user's guide ? That guides are too generic.

      Q5 : For a form using views (to communicate with others systems) as base table in a block, it is correct to keep that views instead of the use of Interconnect to operate that system link ?

      Thank you very much to help us !
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          Q1 : There's less code with DB adapter - it's simplier
          Q2 : These transformations are included in the Mapping parameters screen - you just have to described the index and number of characters
          Q3 : We finally decided to use OAIIMPORT instead of MIGRATE tools. The main reason is that workflow migration does not exist. Another reason is that it's more rigourous
          Q4 : Yes - lukilly there's some good tutorials
          Q5 : This is not the same usage . Interconnect is used for asynchronous not synchonous links