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    Oracle Apps Lot Genealogy Navigator Window Problem

      I don't know much about the Oracle Apps Inventory module so please bear with me on this one. We are currently on R11.5.10.2 and I am trying to get lot drilldown in the lot genealogy navigator window. However, when I enter the lot no./item no. and click on Find, it opens the lot genealogy navigator window but does not show anything under the lot genealogy node. Also,when I click on the plus sign it opens the lot details window without any info.

      I know that the lot no. is valid because when all the other users open the lot genealogy using the same lot no. they are able to see the lot and its details in the lot details window. So, please let me know whether there is some setting that might be missing in my profile or is it due to some other reason.

      -Thanks in advance.