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    Problem when Single Sign Out OAM 11g and WLP 10.3.5


      I install OAM 11g and Webgate aiming to use Identity Assertion Provider for SSO OAM and WLP.

      I create a WLP project with "Sample JSP Login/Logout Code" following this link:

      Configuring OAM Single Sign-On with WebLogic Portal following this link:

      Configure Webgate http://webgate:7777/index.portal redirect to WLP page http://WLP/index.portal .

      I goto Webgate: http://webgate:7777/index.portal and login to OAM login page. Then user is logged in.

      Check in browser, I saw there are 2 cookies: JSESSIONID and OAMAuthnCookie_10.10.1.1:7777.
      If i click log out button. It will delete only JSESSIONID.User is still logged with OAMAuthnCookie_10.10.1.1:7777.

      Others, i don't know why after user is logged in http://webgate:7777/index.portal, with 2 cookies . http://WLP/index.portal is not logged.


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