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    Push-replication pattern does not work in activeactive mode - infinite loop

    Hysun He-Oracle
      Hi Gurus,

      I have encountered some problems while playing with the example of push-replication / active2active pattern, and tried to fix them. But there is still one which is now beyond my current knowledge:

      Issue 1: (fixed)
      After download the latest Incubator example from the official website and run the push-replication / active2active example directly following the [readme] file, exceptions related to serialization / deserialization occurred. I then added the mockito-all-1.8.5.jar to the Incubator-example’s lib directory and the problem gone.

      Issue 2: (fixed)
      Running the example, and found that [update events] triggered by the active-server1 can be propagated to active-server2, but not for vice versa (active-server2 -> active-server1). I inspected the cache configuration file of active-server2 (active2-cache-config.xml), and found there should be a typo in it, as:
      This should be a typo, so I changed the remote-sit1 to remote-site1 and the problem gone as expected.

      Issue 3: (pending)
      After having the above 2 issues fixed, and re-run the example from scratch, this time I found the program can never end (infinite loop). From the log, I can see the update-count exceeds 5000 (expected value is 2000 which will trigger the program exit) and keep increasing????????

      Could you please so kind give some hint? Thank you in advance!

      Best regards
      Hysun He