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    Deploy javafx applications on window. + uninstall old version

      I have a problem on windows xp when I deploy a new version of my javafx 2.2 application.
      The new version is replacing the previous version of my software, but when I look in my 'installed software'. My old version still appears.
      (I think this is something to do with registry..)

      I'm using wix to have a .msi file for the installer.
      Wix is using the build.xml file used by Netbeans.

      In my build.xml I specify next values for versioning:
           <target name="-post-jfx-deploy">
                <fx:deploy width="${javafx.run.width}" height="${javafx.run.height}" 
                        outdir="${basedir}/${dist.dir}" outfile="${application.title}">
                     <fx:application name="${application.title}" 
                                mainClass="${javafx.main.class}" id="A9B62443-2008-4D38-8153-C72A21B1E497" version="1.0.4"/>
      I based my files with this information:

      Do someone has experience with this kind of stuff?
      Or do someone know what could cause this issue?

      Any help would be appreciated!