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    Copy FDM Maps


      Can we copy maps from one period to another period.I know we can copy maps from one location to another location,but is it possible to copy maps from one period to another.

      Thanks in advance
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          There is only ever one set of current active maps per location. However, all mappings related to the last successful data load for each prior period per location are stored in mapping history tables. This allows these sets of mappings to be restored at some point in the future if required. Therefore you can restore mappings from one period and use them in another period, achieving the equivalent of what you are trying to do although not theoretically a straight copy
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            As you import and validate data for periods, FDM writes the data AND a copy of the map at that point in time to the DataSeg and DataMapSeg tables. This is to ensure that you have a proper audit trail for not only the data, but the mapping used to convert the source file to the validated information.

            For the current period AND future periods, the currently established map is used. You can't really copy to a future period as the map copies are only created after your have imported/validated for that location/period.

            As historical periods that were imported/validated for a location will have maps, you could theoretically copy to them; however, there's almost no good justification for doing so.* At a minimum, you ruin your audit trail by re-validating the data with a new map but not exporting the newly translated data to the target. Worst case, is you potentially alter a prior closed period in the target system by re-validating and exporting the data from FDM after a period has been closed.

            Regardless if you did want to "copy" a newly updated map to prior periods, you would do this by updating the map, go to the prior period(s), run through the Validation / Export phases again, and repeat for all periods in question.

            * I've actually done this ONCE as we went through a restatement for an entity and the easiest way to fix the data was to just update the map and re-export everything to HFM for a couple years worth of data.

            Hope that helps.
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              Thanks all..