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    Exchange ActiveSync support

      I am helping a customer migrate from MS Exchange to Oracle UCS. They have a large number of smartphones and similar devices which use their existing deployment over EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) protocol, to such an extent that they've never set up an IMAP service on their old server.

      Is there any gateway service which would make OUCS "seem" like an Exchange server for PDAs and similar clients? I believe, the Outlook Connector is a desktop-only program for Windows? (while there seemingly are other EAS clients than MS-phones...)

      Thanks for ideas,
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          What it possible out of the box is described here:
          which means you can use IMAP,POP and CalDAV, but no CardDAV.

          Former there was a SyncML Gateway, but so far I know that hasn't got any updates in the last years, the only change was the name:
          Oracle Communications Mobile Synchronization Server
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            You should look at NotifyLink(www.notifylink.com). We have been using this product for 6 years for our Smartphone deployment. It supports all phones and works very well with Oracle/Sun Messaging. Supports email, calendar and tasks. They also have support for Calendar Server 6 and 7.