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    JSP not returning control to "Action" Page in Oracle RAC


      We have a Siebel integration, wherein, certain information is to be sent to a JSP page residing on Siebel Instance.
      The custom page XXCustom.jsp has XXSiebel.jsp as its action URL.
      In a single node environment, this integration works fine. However, in RAC environment, the JSP Response document never gets completed and control doesn't go back to XXSiebel.jsp

      Please give suggestions as what can be looked up on the server/ Load balancer or if anything has to be added for JSP to execute properly on RAC.

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          Would like to see your node configuration.

          Please upload the result of:

          select node_name, node_mode, SUPPORT_CP, SUPPORT_FORMS, SUPPORT_WEB, SUPPORT_ADMIN, SUPPORT_DB from FND_NODES;

          column node_name heading "Node Name" format a8
          column support_cp heading "CP" format a3
          column support_forms heading "Frm" format a3
          column support_web heading "Web" format a3
          column support_admin heading "Adm" format a3
          column support_db heading "DB" format a3
          column host heading "Host" format a8
          column domain heading "Domain" format a15
          column virtual_ip Heading "Virtual Name" format a8
          column server_address Heading "IP Address" format a16

          I assume you are using a kind of Loadbalancer in your environment ?
          Please share as much of information possible about your configuration.