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    Java hanging at the time of DML transaction


      dear all

      we are working on a database and oracle apps 11.5.10
      and we are using java build application for the front end along with the oracle apps

      for that we have xxopms user who is the owner of the java apps all the related table under him
      but at the time of DML trasaction it hangs .

      there are two solution of it ..
      1.it automatically works after 10-15 min
      2.we have to re-start the tomcat for the normal activity

      there were no lock at the database end .

      we are on 24*7 so please help us ....we had lodged a tar with the oracle support with the tag ----database is slow with the backend we hadn't include the java issue becoz they never support the customisation so please help us ...

      please help us ....we are waiting your reply with hoping eyes

      rahul chauhan