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    Oracle DB Connection Problem

      Hello all,

      Just installed the new 2.0.8 version. Its been a while I am interested on using PM for our company.
      The problem I have is creating an Oracle DB connection. When I create a new Oracle DB connection, and test it, Steps 3 and 4 fail.
      What is strange is that I followed the following procedure in PM 1.9-825 and worked fine. I am wondering if something changed in the new PM 2.0.8 version (I noticed that php_oci8.dll was commented out in php.ini).
      Oracle Version is 10GR2
      PM installed on clean XP sp3

      1. Got a new Windows XP SP3 PC
      2. Installed PM 2.0.8
      3. Edited php.ini and uncommented [PHP_OCI8] and extension=php_oci8.dll
      4. Installed oracle instant client “instantclient-basic-win32-” in c:\oracle
      5. Installed oracle instant client “instantclient-sqlplus-win32-” in c:\oracle
      6. Added c:\oracle in PATH environment variable
      7. Created ORACLE_HOME = c:\oracle environment variable
      8. Added TNS_ADMIN = c:\ environment variable
      9. Copied working tnsnames.ora file into c:\
      10. Rebooted.
      1. Tried sqlplus connection to my oracle db and worked.
      2. Launched PM
      3. Created a new process
      4. Created a new DB connection as follows:
      a. Engine:Oracle
      b. Server:192.168.xxx.xxx
      c. Database name: my_name (where my_name appears in tns_names.ora)
      d. Username:my_username
      e. Password:my_password
      The result I got is

      Resolving Host Name 192.168.xxx.xxx
      The test has Successful

      Checking port 1521
      The test has Successful

      Trying to connect to host 192.168.xxx.xxx:1521
      Server Response Oracle connection refused
      The test has Failed

      Trying to open database[MEGA] in oracle Service
      Server Response Oracle connection refused
      The test has Failed

      Any help will be much appreciated… !!