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    Applet Behavior in (IE6/JRE1.5u11) vs (IE8/JRE1.6u32)


      i observed different applet behavior between the following environments
      1. Internet Explorer 6 with JRE 1.5 u11
      2. Internet Explorer 8 with JRE 1.6 u32

      I setup the following test environment.
      1. Create a page that loads an applet.
      2. There is a button in the page that allow me to navigate to another page.
      3. In my applet init() method, I place a sleep(5000) to simulate some activities.

      I ran the following test.
      1. Load the page
      2. while the init() method is still running, I click on the button to navigate to another page.

      Results as follows.
      1. IE 6 Environment -- Applet will complete init(), execute start() , stop() before navigate to the new page.
      2. IE8 Environment - Init() method will throws an InterruptedException.

      Question is:
      1. I tried searching for documentation for the above behavior but was unable to find any, can any kind souls help?
      2. How do I achieve the behavior in IE6 env in the IE8 env? ie. ensure that the applet is successfully executed before allow it to be interrupted.


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