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    Datamover error while creating the peopletools system database

      i am using
      os=suse linux 12.2
      database = db2 9.72
      peopletools = 8.53

      i am getting the following error while running the datamover script for the peopletools system databse. i have attached the following error for your view plz help me........

      db2inst1@linux2:~/PT853/bin> ./psdmtx -CT DB2UNIX -CD SL290101 -FP /home/db2inst1/PT853/scripts/sl290101dbx.dms
      PeopleTools 8.53 - Data Mover
      Copyright (c) 2013 PeopleSoft, Inc.
      All Rights Reserved

      Started: Tue Feb 26 13:12:25 2013
      Data Mover Release: 8.53
      Database: SL290101 (ENG)
      Input file: /home/db2inst1/PT853/data/ptengs.db (ENG)
      Commit done at end of record
      Importing ACCESS_GRP_LANG
      Import ACCESS_GRP_LANG 0
      SQL Error. Error Position: 0 Return: -2300 - End of fetch (SQLSTATE PS001)
      Error: SQL execute error for %UpdateStats(PS_ACCESS_GRP_LANG)
      Error: Import Record name ACCESS_GRP_LANG
      Ended: Tue Feb 26 13:12:30 2013
      Unsuccessful completion