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    Problems after updating to Java 1.7

      Since having Java updated from 1.6 to 1.7 on multiple machines (Windows XP, Windows 7), my Java application located on the network and run through Java Web Start has ceased to work. It shows a ClassNotFound exception for com.sun.beans.ObjectHandler. I checked, this class seemed to be there in Java 1.6, but not there in 1.7. What is the problem? Am I somehow using Java WebStart originating from Java 1.6 while running Java 1.7? Thank you.
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          Your problem is probably not directly related to JWS. You are calling a sun specific package, com.sun.beans, which I do not see in java 1.7. That is the danger of using class in packages outside of java or javax. Looking around did not see anything similar in name.
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            Thank you for replying. I forgot to mention that I searched but never found any trace of 'com.sun.beans.ObjectHandler' in my application. I suppose it is somehow called internally by Java Web Start. I also uninstalled java 1.6, uninstalled then reinstalled java 1.7. Nothing helped. Any ideas?