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    Provider Not Found Error Code 2011

      Hello All,
      I have Oracle EDQ installed on my local machine (which happens to run Windows 7 Pro on an Apple MacBook Pro Retina Display laptop). I am trying to create an MS Access Data Source. The actual mdb file is located on my local machine, however, when I create and connect to the Access data source, I keep getting an error message which says

      **"Error Opening Database File. C:\.....\....\..mdb : Provider Cannot be Found. It may not be properly installed. Code: 2,011".**

      I am wondering if anyone else has seen this issue before.

      I don't have MS Access on my machine, however, I am sure, I don't need that. I do have another machine on which MS Access is loaded, and I don't see that error over on that machine.

      Any insights will be greatly helpful.