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    How to compile forms with JDAPI ?

      Hi everyone:

      I have more than 200 forms need to compile. All the forms have libraries, object groups attached, they also call stored procedures in the database.

      When I run this code :
      FormModule frm= (FormModule) JdapiModule.openModule("/tmp/"+fileName);
      It reports error like this :
      Exception in thread "main" oracle.forms.jdapi.JdapiStatusException: _jni_compile_form failed
           at oracle.forms.jdapi.BaseAPI._jni_compile_form(Native Method)
           at oracle.forms.jdapi.FormModule.compile(Unknown Source)
           at oracle.forms.developer.JDAPIFormsApi.attachObject(JDAPIFormsApi.java:54)
           at oracle.forms.developer.JDAPIFormsApi.main(JDAPIFormsApi.java:71)
      Through forms builder, I need to connect to database, put all libraries and resources in the folder included in FORMS_PATH, to get them compiled.

      But how to compile them with all prerequisite conditions set up in my java code ?