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    Parts of the Data went missing when linking two data sets

      Hello Everyone!

      I have two data sets for my report:

      1. an essbase cube which is transformed to a relational star shema transformed by BI Administraion, Im calling the cube with sql (not mdx)
      2. a single relational table

      In the report Im iterating on the 'product' dimension of the cube and I need to join the cube with the single relational table, because that table holds all the detailed information on each product (mostly text therefore it is not in the cube).

      What I did was, joined the two data sets with a Master/Detail link. So far so good. But the thing is, more than half of my data goes missing in the xml-Output when I join those too. If I delete the join, all the data is back again in the xml-ouptut but I cant refer to the details of the relational table.
      I tried different things to fix that problem. So I sorted the 1. dataset and joined it again with the 2. dataset. As a result there was still a lot of data missing, but not the same as before.

      I find this behaviour really strange and don't have a clue what to do differently.
      I would really appreciate some help, because I already spent hours trying to fix that problem.
      Thank you!

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