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    LOV Personalization shows error FRM-40502-Unable to read List of Values


      I am trying to personalize "Shipping Method" lov of Order line based on the "Ship_to" and "Ship_from" selected.

      I have created one record group on 'When new item instance" event.

      SELECT meaning, lookup_code, description
      FROM oe_ship_methods_v WHERE lookup_type = 'SHIP_METHOD'
      AND enabled_flag ='Y'
      AND sysdate BETWEEN start_date_active AND NVL(end_date_active,sysdate)
      AND lookup_code IN
      (select ship_method from mtl_interorg_ship_methods
      where to_organization_id in (SELECT organization_id
      FROM po_location_associations_all
      WHERE site_use_id = :LINE.SHIP_TO_ORG_ID)
      and from_organization_id = :LINE.SHIP_FROM_ORG_ID

      and attchached to the Correct LOV. But when I try to access this LOV thru form, I get FRM-40502-Unable to read List of Values error.

      Please suggest.

      Please note:
      1. LOV columns are same as before. and this sql runs and returns data on sql developer.
      2. I tried capturing above two variables in global variable and then use them in record group query. but this approach also didn't work.
      3. For the same record when i try using examine- > block.filed name-> i got proper data which i expected to be passed in LOV.
      4. I issued message which will show the value passing into the record group. these messgae also diplays the correct data.
      5. Have written all these code on 'When new item instance" event.
      6. When I hard code the value in record group , I get the LOV.
      7. I created trace for this, and found that query was parsed but not executed. (I am not complete sure about trace file output).