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    SQL History -- won't display

      I love SQL Developer. I love the SQL History feature.

      However, I'm distraught. Recently, the SQL History stopped loving me back. It just won't display -- either from F-8 or from the View menu. From what I can tell, it looks like the history files are still being written. I've looked through all of my settings and can't see anything amiss.

      I could really use some help if anyone knows the magic word to make my History reappear.

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          Hopefully it's the windowing layout settings that's messed up.

          Shutdown sqldev

          Find this file

          C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\SQL Developer\system3.\o.ide.\windowinglayout.xml Just exit SQL Developer, ...

          Delete it

          Re-open SQLDev and try again.

          If it still doesn't work, it's mostly like due to the history index being corrupted - it's trying to reference a history item (file) that doesn't exist.

          You could try running SQLDev and capturing the console output to see what's going wrong - see the sticky note at the top of the forums for directions on doing this.
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            I closed SQL Developer.

            Deleted C:\Documents and Settings\<me>\Application Data\SQL Developer\system3.\o.ide.\windowinglayout.xml (sorry, I should have mentioned that I'm stuck in XP).

            Still no love. I opened SQL Developer and still can't see the SQL History, either through F-8 or through the View menu. It just ignored me. It's like it just doesn't care anymore :)

            No messages in the console window. Again, I felt so ignored.....

            So, I looked at the possibility of a history files/indexes being bad. Since I don't totally know how it works, I just guessed based on file and directory names. There's not much to lose at this point, so why not?

            I deleted all of the files in C:\Documents and Settings\<me>\Application Data\SQL Developer

            I also cleaned out all of the files in all of the directories under C:\Documents and Settings\<me>\Application Data\SQL Developer\system3.\.history

            I may not have needed to do both steps (I got impatient), but that did the trick!! SQL History loves me again!!

            Thanks for putting me on the right path.


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