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    Buffering audio to save audio before trigger

      Analogy of what I'm trying to do:
      -You have a security camera and a vibration sensor installed.
      -The security camera feed is constantly saved on to a hard drive, but any data over 5 minutes old is deleted.
      -If the motion sensor is tripped, a new permanent video file is created, with the last 5 minutes stuck on to the beginning. Video is now saved onto this new file (after the first 5 minutes).
      Analogy > My code:
      Camera feed > javax.sound.sampled.TargetDataLine
      5 minute save > byte[] preBuffer
      Permanent video file > java.io.ByteArrayOutputStream

      I've written some code, it doesn't work, and I'm sure it's horribly done and inefficient:

      The start and stop triggers are temporary hackish code, but that are irrelevant to my current problem.

      So I need a way to save up data from the line, and once triggered, add some of the saved data to a new stream, and record any additional data as it comes.