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    Remaining Duration adds days after project is scheduled

    Bob Malin-Oracle
      I am writing on behalf of a user at a client. Each week the schedules remaining work increases by 5 days for “started tasks”. And each week or so the team fixes it. Based on research of MOS Knowledgebase, I found the following When the Remaining Early Start date of an in-progress activity is delayed beyond the first available work time after the data date, then the formula Actual Duration plus Remaining Duration will not take the time between the Data Date and the Remaining Early Start into account. This is why there can be a difference between Actual Duration + Remaining Duration and the At Complete Duration.

      My thought is that there is nothing wrong with the application and is more likely the result of bad project planning (which I know occurred) and bad project management of the schedule (which I know occurred).

      Thank you in advance.