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    Draw lines within a table (repeating group)

      I have a table of 6X6 (rowsxcolumns) built using Word 2010. The cells starting from 2nd row to 5th row are merged and another table is created in this place with a repeating group. This means, the no. of rows this 2nd table would have is dynamic (based on the results)

      Because of the layout requirement, I need vertical lines drawn for each of the columns in table 1 but excluding Row 1 and Row 6 (these are sort of headers). Is there a way to achieve this?

      I tried using "Draw Shapes" and inserting vertical lines in the positions I want. But since this shape is of constant length and 2nd table contains dynamic rows, it isn't working if it has fewer/greater no. of rows.

      Any ideas would be highly appreciated.