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    Converting a normal dimension structure to time dimension

      Hi ,

      I having a confusion with converting a normal dimension structure to time dimension .

      I have created a logical column with calculation (using ago function) . Its working fine in answers . For achieving this
      I had to change the dimension structure of 'fiscal year' dimension to time dimension .

      The data type of 'fiscal year' dimension is defined as numeric , in essbase outline .
      So , even after changing the logical dimension structure (to - > time dimension) , physical layer dimension type of 'fiscal yer' remains unchanged (dimension structure - > other ) .

      Is this the way it should work ?
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          Let me know, if I get you right. You changed the 'Fiscal Dimension' to be of type 'Time' in BMM, but still the 'Fiscal Dimension' from Essbase in your physical layer is of type 'Other'.

          So, your question is, If this is the way it works?

          I would say, Yes. Dimension type, 'Time', is something that is tagged in OBIEE BMM to make some time series functions available on this dimension in OBIEE. However, that does not mean that the underlying physical database too should tag it as time dimension.

          In Short, physical layer just kind of replicates the physical schema, it is in the BMM where we set up our business logic, for example identifying 'Fiscal Dimension' to be of time here.

          Now, you might want to know, why in the physical layer, the fiscal dimension is of type 'Other'. Just because, it was not tagged as of period dimension type in Essbase.

          Hope I was clear and helps.

          Thank you,