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    How to execute a procedure when user closes the application

      Dear ALL,

      How to execute a procedure when user closes application normally or abnormally by tracking the session.

      i'll briefly explain the requirement here...
      When user logging to the application. Application Inserts data to a table with a flag 'Y' in particular column.
      When user exits the application. this flag will be updated to 'N'

      This updation is not working alway. Its failing when user closes the application abnormally.
      3 major scenarios
      1. Session is getting expired after a perticular time(30 min).
      2. Closing the Browser/Changing the url
      3. Shutting Down/Power-Off the client system.

      can we able to do something on Application Server to get this output.

      I need some thing like this.
      App server should call a procedure by passing session id when there is a session out.

      All replies will be appreciated..

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