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    ADF Contextual Event


      I am using JDev We have Master Page jsff A. On which there is Region as Bounded Task Flow and jsff B.
      Inside B there is Region with Bounded Task Flow and has Page Fragment jsff C.

      I have created Contextual Event on Child jsff C. I want to call Consumer/Subscriber action from Parent Page A. However I am not able to see Contextual event in the Parent jsff's PageDef.

      Has anyone faced this issue ? Appreciate of you could provide work around for this ?

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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          in this case you use an anonymous provider '*' and have the event receiver listening for the action name only. Provider names can only be seen when the event receiver and producer are mapped in the same or a parent PageDef file

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            Hi Frank,

            Thanks a lot . It worked.

            Followed below steps

            1) Created event in Child
                <eventBinding id="eventBinding" Listener="javax.faces.event.ActionListener">
                  <events xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/contextualEvent">
                    <event name="xxEvent" eventType="Action Event"/>
            2) In Parent jsff created event
                <event name="*">
                  <producer region="eventBinding"></producer>
            3) In Subscriber selected Event from child page jsff and added handler.(Created DataControl for MyHandler )
              <eventMap xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adfm/contextualEvent">
                <event name="xxEvent">
                  <producer region="XXXXXXXX.eventBinding">
                    <consumer region="" handler="Myhandler"/>