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    Apex Report with a Button

      We have Apex 4.01 on Oracle 10gR205 database

      I have a page with a Classic report which fetches a single row from the Database
      One of the columns called Status will return as "Ok" or an error string e.g. "File not found"

      I added a Button called "Process" which should display if the Status column is "Ok"

      I have tried setting a Condition on the Button :-

      Condition Type: Value of Item / Column in Expression 1 = Expression 2
      Expression1: "#Status#"
      Expression1: "Ok"

      But the button remains hidden, even tried !=
      I have checked the html source and the ID for the Column is correct .....

      Am I providing the wrong ID for determining the value / text in the Column?
      Any ideas or a better way of doing this?