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    How to take care of Performance related issue in DRM?

    Ramesh KJ
      How we can optimize or take care of performance related issues when we have huge data in DRM application? especially when comes to Imports and Exports.

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          Hi Ramesh,

          Below some suggestion from my side.
          1-Try to keep Current version open at the time of export and automator run.
          2-At extreme use derived property , else manage with somehow if you can
          3-If you are creating any derived property make sure you are restricting to related hier
          4-In case you are creating derived property check performance to take big hier with derived property node name and description ,if performance not seems to you satisfactory go with some other logic.
          5-Don’t use much looking property like Nodeinhier, hiernodepropvalue etc , if need then only use these
          6-Tack care of validation if you can do better with verification then don’t put validation in that case
          7-I do see some problem while loading data from DRM to DB try to avoid and use some workaround if possible ( like Sql loader)

          Not sure how much useful will be for you these points above.