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    Installation of patch "118833-36"

      Good afternoon,
      I am trying to install an application platform above my Solaris 10, but this fails due to the fact that patch "118833-36" seems not to be installed.

      Does anybody know where I can find this patch, because I seem not to have it in my installation procedure?

      What I do have, are some files "118833.preinstall" and "118833.postinstall", but as there seems not to be any "lsof" in my "/etc/system" file, this "118833.preinstall" seems not to work.

      Thanks in advance
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          To the best of my understanding, the only legitimate source of patches is by means of a MOS logon.

          If that patch level is indeed not installed, you may be able to get the equivalent revision level by doing what might be considered an over-the-top upgrade to your Solaris environment. Install a newer Solaris 10.

          In the mean time, what do you see if you do a:
          <pre>showrev -p | grep 118833</pre>

          ... not sure but there may be differing output for that command as root user versus non-root user.

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            AFAIK that is an old kernel patch. Before you install the patch read the README
            because there is a special installation instruction ( I think you have to install the patch twice or so )

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              Hello again,
              I have verified which version of that patch is currently on my system, and it seems to be version 17:
              # showrev -p | grep "118833"
              Patch: 118833-17 ...
              Does anobody know what I can do in order to retrieve patch version 36?
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                To retrieve patch you should have Oracle support contract.