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    Does creating a component definition in UI write to tables or schema ?

      When I create a custom component in the UI in Enterprises > Component Definitions - let's say a Workflow Monitor Agent - and I activate it, I understand it will update the enterprise gateway store (siebns.dat). Will this also write to any tables in the database or update the siebel schema in any way?

      We are in the middle of an upgrade from SEA to SIA. Currently our application stack is at release SIA GA but our repository is still at SEA. We want to create the header custom component definitions in the application UI to match what is in Dev to prepare for a cfgmerge after the upgphys is completed. Our concern is the risk of doing this while the app tier is not at the same release level as the repository. If we are only dealing with updates to the siebns.dat then I think we should be ok, and the cfgmerge will take care of it. But if we are writing to tables when I create these custom components in the UI then we have potential issues.

      Thanks for any feedback!


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