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    "Node Approved" functionality in DRM


      We have this inbuit DRM functionality called "Node Approved".
      When I checked this in admin guide, it says - "The node approved property is set to True when a version is finalized or when it is specifically set to True by a user with appropriate access."

      This seems to be a hidden property. I have ADMIN rights on the application and I tried all possible ways to see this in DRM, but I could not.

      Can someone please help me with this?
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          N Truelove
          I think the documentation element that you've listed is just a left over from the way things used to be that was missed before the documentation was released... I confirmed that it is indeed in the documentation as you listed.

          The way this works is that a pending request can be validated against version data as if the change was being applied, but doesn't actually change a hierarchy until it is approved. Therefore everything that is actually in the hierarchy is approved by definition. The pending requests sit in a request queue until approved. If the version is finalized and copied, any pending requests will also be copied and can be approved in the new version. A look through the WDK documentation will make this much more clear than just looking at the DRM User and Admin Guides.
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            Your response was helpful.
            Can you please help me provide the link for WDK documentation?

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              N Truelove
              If you download the WDK, the documentation is in the zip archive.