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    HP SmartStart 8.7b x64 install OL 6.3

      I am trying to run the installer for the smartstart console based frontend on the HP Smartstart 8.70b DVD (x64). When the script runs it says "the kernel-headers RPM is not installed on this server. If I bypass the script that tests the front end I get error while loading shared libraries: libuudi.so.1: cannot open shared object file: no such file or directory. any ideas on how to overcome this?
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          Kernel headers are supplied by the kernel-devel and kernel-uek-devel packages, depending on which kernel you use:
          # yum install kernel-devel-uek-`uname -r`
          # yum install kernel-devel-`uname -r`
          # yum info kernel-uek-devel
          Loaded plugins: security
          Available Packages
          Name        : kernel-uek-devel
          Arch        : x86_64
          Version     : 2.6.39
          Release     : 400.17.1.el6uek
          Size        : 7.9 M
          Repo        : ol6_UEK_latest
          Summary     : Development package for building kernel modules to match the kernel
          URL         : http://www.kernel.org/
          License     : GPLv2
          Description : This package provides kernel headers and makefiles sufficient to build modules
                      : against the kernel package.