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    ATG 10.1.2 Create new item discount type

      Hi all,

      We are using ATG 10.1.2, and created a new CommerceItem property called giftWrapItem. It is working fine, we can buy it with the CommerceItem in and order.
      We created calculators, customized PricingEngine to use our calculators, and it is working so well.

      So, we now want to create a new promotion type, that can give item and order discount based on giftWrapItem quantity on order.
      We created a GiftWrapItemDiscountCalculator class, that extends ItemDiscountCalculator, and we could add giftWrap in Offer Type at BCC Promotion creation panel.

      But we don't know how we can do it work, like Standard promotion Offer Type. The rules, like Standard rules, does not appear in Promotion panel.
      One example to explain what we want: a promotion that gives one free giftWrap item, if user buy one product named X.

      We read the Oracle ATG docs, but couldn't find more ways to do this.

      Any help?

      Thanks in advance
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          You need to add/extend PMDL rules for new promotion type you have created. Not sure you have read the chapters for defining new promotion templates.


          Another thought on this (might be out of context), why are you not considering the GiftWrapItem as another SKU type or something like that, and create promotion using ATG OOB promotion template, for example if the order contains X give 1 sku with type 'GiftwrapItem' free. This might reduce the customization effort and you just need to train the business users about how to use the GiftWrap promotion.

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            Hi @Rajeev_R,

            I had already read the document that you suggested, and did my changes in PMDL files.
            My promotion type is appearing in BCC Promotion tab, but the rules for my Offer Type aren't appearing.

            When I select Standard promotion type, it works well. When I change to giftWrap promotion type, the rules for "Item(s) to Discount" and the other properties does not appear.

            I extended the advancedItemDiscount.pmdt and getItemDiscount.pmdt to use my properties, like template resources and calculators.

            Any suggestion about what else I have to do for it works?

            Thanks in advance

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