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    Fixed table height


      I'm creating a template where I need a fixed table height size.
      Eg: I need a table with 10 rows. If I don't have sufficient data to fill these rows, they should be printed blank.

      I saw in other threads that there is a way to limit the no. of rows by using <?for-each:TAGNAME[position()<10]?> around the first and last field in the table. However, I have a different situation. In the same table, I have 2 different repeating groups - one used in the 1st row and 2nd in the next row. So, I won't be able to use this function before the 1st row and end it after the 2nd row. If I use it only on one group, I can't limit the total no. of rows to 10. How can I accomplish this?

      Also, when I used this position() on the first row for testing, the data came out blank. Please help.