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    AboutJavaFx 2.x versions and prior versions difference.

      As newbie I have gone through Wikipedia article regarding [ JavaFx|http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Javafx]

      Could you please explain what does this exactly mean .

      "JavaFX 2.0 and later is now implemented as a native Java library and therefore applications using JavaFX are written in native Java code."

      What does it mean Native Java Library? Does it is related to core JavaSE ?

      Thank You in advance.
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          In early versions of JavaFX, one had to download a special JavaFX SDK and write your code using a special JavaFX-Script. Now JavaFX is included in distributions of the JDK, beginning with JavaSE 7 and is coded using plain Java (or through the use of other JVM languages, groovy, scala or jruby). Hope that answers your question, it's nothing more complicated than that.

          *The discontinued JavaFX-Script has been made available as the language Visage : https://code.google.com/p/visage/ .