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    Announce: Patch Release: Berkeley DB Java Edition 5.0.73 and 4.1.27

      Berkeley DB Java Edition 5.0.73

      http://www.oracle.com/us/products/database/berkeley-db/index.html (BDB product page)
      http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/berkeleydb/overview/index.html (BDB overview)
      http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/berkeleydb/overview/index-093405.html (BDB JE overview)

      Berkeley DB Java Edition 5.0.73 is a patch release consisting of several improvements as well as a number of important bug fixes. We strongly recommend that users of the 5.0.x version upgrade to this release. These fixes include:

      A JE/HA application may now explicitly transfer the master role, on demand, from the current master to one of a specified set of currently active replica nodes in the replication group.
      It is now possible to restore an entire replication group by restoring just one node from a backup.
      Added a new method that should be used for performing incremental backups: DbBackup.getLogFilesInSnapshot.
      The JE log cleaner now logs a SEVERE level message when the average cleaner backlog increases over time.
      The log cleaner will now delete files in the latter portion of the log, even when an HA application is not performing any write operations.

      Find the complete list of changes in the change log.


      Read the detailed product documentation included in the download package or on the web.


      Download the source code.


      Review the frequently asked questions (FAQs):


      Join OTN and participate in the Berkeley DB JE Support Forum discussions. Our engineering and support staff are highly active on these forums, if you have questions please ask them there first.

      Berkeley DB Java Edition

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      Thank you for your support of Berkeley DB Java Edition.

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