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    OUCS 7u2 Instant Messaging 9.0 server takes several retries to start up

      After an "svcadm restart sunim" or the manual "imadmin refersh" action (with removed SMF service), the XMPP daemon starts partially, with a listener on localhost:52222. While it is expected to go on to open other ports, and ultimately the user service at "any:5222", it in fact just lingers. After 140 seconds the xmpp daemon restarts (by the watchdog?), but hangs at the same log line. It often takes about 10 minutes overall for it to stop "lingering" and quickly fall through to suddenly beginning to work, after a service restart (or startup with the OS).

      I think this was not an original behavior when I set up the system, but appeared later on during configuration and other experiments.

      So, does the description ring a bell - what (likely, I) could have broken to such effect?

      Before a "freeze" the log ends with these lines:

      [02 Mar 2013 02:10:10,574] INFO xmppd [main] Emptying scratch directory succeeded
      [02 Mar 2013 02:10:10,662] WARN xmppd [main] [S2SSession] server ID = null
      [02 Mar 2013 02:10:10,735] INFO xmppd [main] [XMPPComponent:cal.ucs.demodomain.ru] loaded component calagent
      [02 Mar 2013 02:10:10,738] INFO xmppd [main] [XMPPComponent:httpbind.ucs.demodomain.ru] loaded component httpbind
      [02 Mar 2013 02:10:10,741] INFO xmppd [main] [XMPPComponent:avatar.ucs.demodomain.ru] loaded component avatar

      These bring me to a couple of questions:
      1) Does it matter which string is uset as a channel ID, as long as all programs have it the same? I mean ordering of tokens: In examples I think I saw httpbind.sub.domain.org and in others sub.httpbind.domain.org...

      2) I think I saw some notices about a calendar agent - that it might be not working, but can't find any reference now. Could it be the cause?..

      Any other ideas?

      PS: And when it finally does start, it whizzes past the lines above and more:

      [02 Mar 2013 02:17:19,793] INFO xmppd [main] Monitoring is disabled
      [02 Mar 2013 02:17:19,795] INFO xmppd [main] XMPP Server, version 9.0 Starting
      [02 Mar 2013 02:17:19,803] INFO xmppd [main] Server start completed
      [02 Mar 2013 02:17:20,773] INFO xmppd [default-iim_server-worker 2] [MuxAcceptorSelection][] accepted /
      [02 Mar 2013 02:17:20,782] INFO xmppd [default-iim_server-worker 2] Created a channel manager

      and then it logs connections from clients (Pidgin, Convergence, etc.)

      //Jim Klimov