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    JPA using TopLink and not Toplink Essential

      Hi ,
      I am trying to use Toplink as a JPA provider with tomee. The problem i am facing is that i am not sure which jar i should be using.
      The way i see it is there are two projects right now Toplink and Top Link Essecntials. Toplink being oracle project and Toplink essential as a open source one.

      in the persistence.xml i need to give a provider name
      like example :

      The one thing i notice here is that that the class referred here is from TopLink essentials package.

      What is the name of a class if i am just using toplink and not toplink essentials ? What is the provider class in Toplink ?

      Also when i download the latest Toplink from the oracle website Toplink 12c and i look at all the jars downloaded I see these jar's downloaded

      [oracle@localhost jlib]$ ls
      eclipselink.jar eclipselink-src.zip toplink-grid.jar toplink-grid-src.zip toplink.jar toplink-oc4j.jar toplink-src.zip

      Which of these jar files consist of a class which is the provider for Toplink ?