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    Prerequsites before Repository Migration


      We need to perform repository migration from Dev environment to Production environment. Can anyone please confirm me what are prerequisites need to be taken before performing?

      Please correct me if I am wrong & let me know If I miss anything. I think we need to:-

      1.) Take backup of Production repository (i.e. by exporting the Prod repository)
      2.) Need to take the backup of the production server installed folder (i.e. sba81 folder (installed folder))

      Please let me know anything more need to be taken as backup. Your help is highly appreciated.

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          You can have multiple repositories in a database, but only one will be active.
          So from that perspective it isn't necessary to extract the current active repository from PROD.
          Usually the old repositories will have a time stamp appended to the name.
          At some point you can clean up the older repositories, or really have just the active repository in the database.

          The normal flow from Dev (to Test, to Acceptance) to PROD will not allow changes directly to the repository of PROD, other than the DEV2PROD.
          So why would you extract from PROD?

          A repository migration has nothing to do with the installed files.
          Unless you are going to do a full DEV2PROD. But even in that case, it could be that none of the files in the sba81 folder will change, other than the SRF and browser scripts.

          I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it, but I don't think you are telling us the whole story, or you are worrying too much.
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            Thanks for the update Jiyong.

            Actually there were some changes like Workflow, fields,columns,table extensions done on Development environment tools. These changes need to be replected in production. Hence repository migration is required & also we have to move the compiled DEV srf to prod also. This is the whole story.

            Can you please let me know what are the prerequisite tasks that I need to perform now before proceed to repository migration to Prod. Please help me.

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              Hi Joyong,

              Thanks for the update.

              We have made some changes like Workflow, tables, columns extension in CRM Development environment (in TOOLS). We need this changes to be reflected on Production too. Hence, we have to do repository migration to Prod. This is the whole story.

              Can you please let me know what are the prerequisite tasks that I need to perform before proceeding to Repository migration to Production. Please do the needful.

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                I think there are two different things in your questions.
                Your primary question is what you have to do for a DEV2PROD.
                One of the sub questions is, if you should make a backup of the current repository in PROD.

                You can import a repository (with a different name), but it won't be active.
                Or you can stop the server, rename the current repository and import the new repository with the name "Siebel Repository".

                Once that is done, you can do the DDLSYNC, to make the new columns/tables active.
                Workflows are migrated with the new repository, but still need to be activated.

                The application will need the new SRF, as most of the functionality is run from the SRF and not from the repository.

                To answer your sub question about exporting the PROD repository, you have to find out if release files are stored somewhere.
                If they keep older copies of the previous releases, there is no need to export the PROD repository.

                So in the case that earlier release files are not kept (or this is your first release), you can export the repository from PROD.