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    ld: can't link with bundle (MH_BUNDLE) only dylibs (MH_DYLIB)

      Hello, I'm writing on behalf of the MacPorts package management system. I am trying to update the MacPorts port of Oracle Instant Client from to (https://trac.macports.org/ticket/37880), and while many of our ports including the PHP oracle module continue to work fine with this version, soci (https://github.com/SOCI/soci/issues/89) and TOra (https://sourceforge.net/p/tora/bugs/867/) both fail to build, producing instead this error message:

      ld: can't link with bundle (MH_BUNDLE) only dylibs (MH_DYLIB) for architecture x86_64

      This is on OS X 10.8.2 compiling with Xcode 4.6's version of clang ("Apple LLVM version 4.2 (clang-425.0.24) (based on LLVM 3.2svn)").

      I suspect this is because soci and TOra are doing something with static libraries, and Oracle Instant Client is only shipped as a dynamic library. But I can't explain why this worked with, unless something has changed about how Oracle Instant Client is being built. It's not clear whether this is an intentional change in Oracle Instant Client, and if it is, what developers should do to fix their software.

      I have not heard back from the developers of TOra, and the developers of soci suggested I ask here.