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    Reporting Requirements

      Hi All,

      I have one complex requirement. my client has a older ERP system and they have planning application which is built with the basis of those accounts recently they have moved to new ERP system and accounts are completely changed. Now my client is wishes to see the old and new accounts for the same application.


      Old Application has around 100 accounts and lets take one account In the old system one account number is "1100" and in the new system the same account number is "11000"

      Here requirement is that when they are looking at the old data they should account number 1100 (i.e application has 5 years of data starting from 2010) so from 2010 to 2013 Jan

      data should be visible for account 1100 and from Jan 2013 data should be available for new account 11000.

      Question is can we report same data set for two account numbers ? If yes how is this possible.

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          I can think of a few solutions.
          1. Make a dimension for Source have in it the old soruce namd and new soruce name. The parent "Source" can be dynamic. That way you can get old sorce, new source or combined.

          2. Have a scenario with Old_Source name actuals, New_Source Name actuals and a parent of Actuals.

          3. prefix the account members with somethign to distinguixh them as new or old, then create parents that combine them In your example EPR1_1100 and New_1100 roll up to 1100.

          I can think of more ways, but this should get you started
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            Daniel Willis
            What about exporting data, getting it into a database (or other tool), changing accounts in the exported data to new accounts, import back in to Essbase. If you wanted to differentiate it as being from the old system you could introduce some sort of 'source' member in one of the dimensions or perhaps it is sufficient to know that data prior to (including?) 2013 Jan is from the old system.

            This might sound more complex/daunting initially but the end result would be a lot simpler assuming it makes sense to do so.
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              Hi Glenn,

              Thanks for the reply

              Old and new account numbers are not the same

              EG: old Account Number is 100 and new account number is 1100 so last 3 years worth of data is stored in acct 100 (From 2010 Jan to 2013 Jan) From Feb 2013 data is stored in new account number 1100 and going forward this account would be used. But users want to track old data and new data in the same application. How can we report data with reference to two account numbers.